Friday, May 15, 2009

Beach Day

Today we went to the beach!
It was incredible! Weather is great - HOT, HOT, HOT - tomorrow it may cool down a little so today was the perfect day to get some sun. A nice rest after staying up until 3:15 AM with Christina talking at the table outside last night and then getting up early this morning. Whatever, I am on vacation and am so happy, this trip couldnt have come at a better time.
How many people can you fit into a compact car/hatchback in Greece? Try 6! Serioulsy, we did it today, it was hilarious. Christos and I were in front, Christina, Frankie and Angela in the back and Peter in the trunk/hatchback part (Peter is Christos second cousin and soooo cute).

Back at home now, with a lightly baked crust from the beach and getting ready for dinner. Tomorrow will be busy, we are having a party tomorrow night here at the house so we will all be getting ready - I can't wait. My nights here have been epic, staying up with Christina outside talking and smoking (yes, I am on vacation)! We are waiting for Angela to get caught up with sleep and Frankie back on a schedule and she will soon be roped in on the all night talk fests.

A shout out to my sister Emily, get on a plane pronto and get your booty here! You would love it and we are missing the other piece of the sisterhood of the traveling Mediterranean's. Opa!


BeBop said...

i am so jealous i could cry. Miss you and wish I could join the sisterhood NOW! =)

Ali said...

Hey! Sounds like you're having a Fantastic time! I too have the envy!!! Keep up the good work lady!!x

Anonymous said...

Ha... you didn't have to tell me you were smoking... I knew you werer when I read you were on the porch until the wee hours. This is the vacation you SO very much deserve. Drink it in. By the way... how old is Peter? ;)

The Maltese Kat said...

Who is this...Tim? Peter is 11-12, so cute and so good with Frankie - he is in the back seat of the car, see him back there in the photo?

Anonymous said...

Silly... annonymous is Spotted Mouse! Oh crap... was hoping more like 43. Oh is that Frankie? You mean that child who is all grown up! Geez, I can't believe how much he changes from month to month!


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