Friday, July 18, 2008

Photo a Day Project

I can't believe this is day 30 of my month long Photo a Day Project.
I thought as the last day, I would post a photo of the day, a photo staring me and my camera and a montage of all the bee photos I took over the last month in the flower beds outside of my office.
To view all photos on the series, click the "photo a day" link to the left under the header "current projects".



Anonymous said...

I like your self portrait, you look pretty, your hair is soooo long! I can't wait to see you. I'm counting the days!

pomegranate seed said...

i have been loving your photos! they're so fun to look at and the food makes me very homesick - wow - cherries! i cannot wait for organic berries!! (they don't have them here) i can't believe how long your hair is, either! i'll be in SF very very soon. i cannot wait to see you. i'll be staying w/jaymie and kenan - in your neighborhood. we might try also to make it to the east bay (i have an ikea certificate i'd like to use) so maybe we'll visit you at work, too! so excited to see you my dear!

Amy O. said...

beautiful pictures and loooooooooooong hair!


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