Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Best Wishes for a great Birthday to a man who has displayed tremendous courage and has been an inspiration to me my entire life. When I say he is my Hero, I mean it, I do not use that term loosely. This man has shown me what it is like to be a person with integrity, morals, and taught me to stand up for what I believe in, even if it goes against the status quo. I learned from him it was OK to be different (just not with dyed jet black hair). He has made me laugh the hardest laugh I have ever experienced and has also made me cry more than I ever have before. He has seen me through my fits of rage, anger, teenage drama, adult depression, frustration and has been nothing but supportive. He has never judged me, he has only loved me unconditionally. I have watched him come unwound in front of my very eyes, only to emerge a beautiful butterfly. I am blessed to have him in my life as a parent and more than that, as a true friend.

To my Dad, who let me take him out of his comfort zone and left a smile on top of Hill 861.
Happy Birthday!
Sempre Fi!

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