Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jammin in Alameda

Are you ready to jam? Well, Debbie and I were when we attended a stone fruit jam/canning class in Alameda today. During the class, both of our minds were racing about what we could can, what herbs go well with what fruit, etc.
It was a great class and we learned a lot.
Here are some photos:
After the class was over, we carefully placed our jars of plum lavender jam in our bags and walked around Park Street which was closed for the Alameda Art and Wine fair, how lucky were we to happened upon that? We checked out the booths and then went to lunch at Burma Superstar (they opened one in Alameda!). We got there just in time, after our dishes were served (my favorite tea leaf salad, a noodle rainbow salad and samosas) lots more people arrived. Lunch was terrific - I have never had a bad experience at Burma Superstar. After lunch we walked the fair some more, paying more attention to what folks were selling, people watching and eating Hawaiian Shave Ice. It was super sunny and HOT outside, which I love because being in the city it rarely gets hot in the summer. I had never been to the main drag in Alameda, just to the flea market so it was a really nice day for me. Alameda is so old school, sweet old signs, a grand old beauty of a movie theatre and lots of families. I love it there.
When we were done in Alameda, we went back to Debbie's house, I had to check out her fabulous garden (I ate a carrot out of the ground and a bean off the vine!). I got some Swiss chard to take home and steam with dinner which was so yummy. Since Debbie and I both have the gift of gab, we sat around a talked for another hour before I headed back to the city and to my surprise, there was no fog last night! So it was clear and sunny when I got home, yeah!
Thanks Debbie for such a nice day, it was definitely one of my favorite days this summer.

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