Thursday, July 10, 2008


Strange things happen to me often.
My world has a way of kind of weaving its way around in such a manner that I have to ask myself sometimes..."what does it all mean?". It seems like the irony in my world is sometimes overwhelming. I can talk about a movie and it will be on TV the next day, think of someone and they will call, have a dream and it will happen. I love it and hate it at the same time. I know now as I get older to not think about it too much and just say it may be a coincidence and go with the flow.
For example today...
I posted about my Vietnamese Momma (ok, I will admit to you all, I dated it last night because I didn't want to post about that on my Birthday). Right after I hit the publish button, they had a report on the today show live from Nha Trang, Vietnam, after that I changed the channel and Tony Bordain (who I love) was in Vietnam. There is an interconnectedness between me and Vietnam for sure. The icing on my Birthday cake would be getting the magical call today, but I am not holding my breath and will blow the candles out anyway!
Just thought I would share.

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