Friday, February 08, 2013

Kitchen Inspiration

French music inspires me in the kitchen, always has. Stacey Kent, Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, you name it - if it's French, it's playing when I am cooking dinner.  I sing along mostly knowing what the words mean (thanks to Madame Ogle, my High School French teacher) the others I just mimick (one of my secret talents).  I have always had a love for international music - I am also a lover of Arabic and Greek music. I can sing an entire Greek pop song and have no idea what I am saying which I think is pretty funny!

Besides my new La Chamba pot mentioned in my last post, my boss also got me a great knife for Christmas that has left me chopping as fast as Jaques Pepin (again with the French).  New tools lead to kitchen inspiration, wanting to try new recipes and venture out a bit but I am telling you - that pot beckons me each week to make a one pot meal and I always follow. This week's was a doozy and so delicious. The Mr and I each ate two bowls full and he even took some for lunch today! SCORE! Luckily he doesn't have a picky palette and is willing to try anything.

I got the recipe here - check it out, make it and get ready to taste something so lovely and warm.  I added an entire bunch of Tuscan Kale (stripped of the spine and chopped). I also served mine with some steamed jasmine rice on the side of the bowl. My mouth is watering now and I must heat some for lunch.

See that turmeric there? I had to buy it at Safeway - ech! It is organic at least and no harm done - unless you count that I left Korra out of her crate while I ran down the hill and when I came back the cat food was mysteriously gone. She was still in her bed, but licking her chops...sneaky little pup.

What inspires you in the kitchen?

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Amy O. said...

turned out beautiful!


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