Thursday, December 02, 2010

Visit with Cheese in Berkeley

This photo is of my friend Cheese. He decided to change his name and kept correcting me when I would call him Frankie, which is what his name used to be. Isn't he adorable? Cheese loves to hang out on 4th Street in Berkeley, even when he was a wee baby like in this post here.

Sunday, Mom and I met Angela and Cheese at Tacubaya for brunch and a walk around the shops. For those of you who have not been to Tacubaya on the weekends, you are missing out because they have great coffee, hot fresh churros and wonderful breakfast food. We all hung out here for a while and then walked around and popped in and out of shops along 4th Street. Cheese loves walking around the stores and asking me how things work, I do my best to explain but letting Cheese try things himself is the best way for him to really grasp it. We have so much fun together, he makes me laugh and I think I make him act very silly. Cheese acted as the salesman at Crate and Barrel and flipped through the rug selection asking at each flip "Do you like this one?", it was great fun. The rule in the stores is always, before Cheese touches anything he must ask "Katie, can I touch this?" sometimes the temptation is too much and he gets the buzzer sound which means foul play. We went into Anthropology and there is a little frame of a house inside that you can walk into which kids love, there are tons of ornaments and LOTS of colorful things to look at. When the shopping and visiting was done, Cheese simply said to Angela, "Can we go home now?". I love that child! Angela said he passed right out in the car on the way home. It was a nice Sunday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Great blog post! Katie that is my favorite photo!!!


Angela said...

This is so sweet! Yes, you bring out the sillies in him. I wonder why? :)
We love you to pieces!
P.S. I read this out loud to Cheese and he loved it too. He also asked me, "Mama, does Katie call you Biscuit too?" :) I said no that that was your special name for him.

BeBop said...

That picture is amazing!!! =) Such a cutie!!


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