Friday, December 03, 2010

Caught Up!

I think I am caught up!
Now, I know I am bound to get behind again.
I have a TO DO list that looks like Santa's Gift List.

I am hosting a few friends for lunch next weekend, but am going to be in Austin Monday - Wednesday so this weekend is going to be packed with things to do to get the house and other things in order. Here is a sneak peak at my list.
  • Cole Hardware - get 2, 2x4 pieces of wood cut into 35" long pieces (I will explain later)
  • Target - need some essentials
  • Ballet on Saturday morning
  • Go to storage to get suitcase for Austin trip
  • Bring up Christmas stuff and decorate (put up tree, swap out dishes, etc.)
  • Finalize menu for holiday lunch
  • Sunday morning brunch with Sara and Aurora and friends
  • Laundry
  • Change sheets
  • Make a pot of beans
  • Studio time to finish some projects (make book for office gift exchange)

That is just a few of the items. I am going to try and get some of the Christmas stuff out of the basement tonight if my partner in crime will come down with me and hold the flashlight (its creepy down there and there is the ghost of a cat down there too! Oooooo.....ha ha!).

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