Sunday, April 19, 2009

Upcycling Class

I took a class at SF Center for the Book yesterday called: Upcycling: The Transformation of Trash . We took vintage books, tore the guts out, in a very calculated way of course and then inserted our own pages! It was so cool. I am excited to try and make one on my own at home. Last time I took a binding class (in January) I went book crazy and couldn't stop making them, I have been on creative hiatus ever since that bout and needed something new to inspire me.
I was half asleep the first part of class and ended up gluing my end pages in upside down, which was pretty funny. By the time I realized (after lunch) it was too late, so I just let the rest come together as it wanted. My book is pretty cool, it is an old Russian Language book, which I think is funny because I am known to speak with a Russian accent at times. The pages are a mix of ledger sheets, white paper, original pages from the Russian book, childrens dictionary pages from the non-PC 1950's and other odds and ends.
I see an new obsession my future!

1 comment:

Ali said...

that sounds really cool... have the envy again!!x


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