Saturday, April 04, 2009

First Two in Line!

Today we updated our fingerprints at the USCIS office (part of updating all of our paperwork for the adoption). We never thought we would be back here, but it was over in 15 minutes. The office opened at 8:00 AM and we were there at 7:20 AM, first in line!
Photo taken with my cell phone.


Angela said...

I'm happy you were in and out of there but irritated that you had to do this again! Good job for getting it done!
Love you,

Ali said...

hey, I keep reading little snippits about this... I hope so much you get this sorted, from what I know of you you're going to be a totally brilliant Mum! I'm wishing you all the luck and love in the world for this x x x

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks gals. I love your comments and I super love that between Colorado, Scotland and California we have a connection. So cool
Yes, Ali, we started this process in Feb 07, it has been very daunting. I am hoping for some movement this time before our paperwork expires again.


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