Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From my neighborhood

Tim and I went for a walk this evening to pick up my zipcar (have to go to Santa Cruz for work tomorrow and zipcar is cheaper then claiming mileage and I don't have to put the miles on my car). While walking, we saw these crazy signs. The shop sign is at the end of my street!
Now this sign is incredible, I can only imagine what lies behind the double black doors lined in gold under the sign. I think maybe a makeshift Wizard of Oz setting, a very short man with a crazy mustache and maybe a crystal ball or maybe that guy from the commercial where you can get free money from the government, you know, the one that wears the suit covered in question marks. Very strange, if we were brave enough we would have rang the bell.



robin said...

Good call on the free loan guy. He hasn't been on TV in a while. I'm gald. He kind of stresses me out.
Love you,

The Maltese Kat said...

Ha ha! I love that crazy suit he wears! I know what you mean, he is kind of stressful, he is always yelling.
XO - Katie

Ali said...

it says on the sign it's free... what could you ask him?! What would I ask him?! Dunno, maybe where other half's ring is... how exciting!x


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