Friday, March 27, 2009

Me + Avedano's = LOVE

We have a great local market by my house called Avedano's and I have to admit, I have been in there three times this week! It all started with the Panini's Tim and I had for lunch on Sunday. Everything is locally produced and simply amazing. They have rare and amazing produce right now like Sea Beans and Raw Garbanzo Beans. Customer service in this store is incredible and the people that work there are super cool and always willing to let you try things before you buy them. After trying raw garbanzos for the first time in the store I bought about a 1/2 pound of the beans, peeled them and used them in a pasta dish and it was simply fabulous.

My pasta dish contained, locally hand made cheese tortellini (from Avedano's), organic green garlic, organic asparagus and the raw garbanzo's - all tossed together with olive oil and topped with pecarino romano. Yummmm...I want some right now!

Check out Avedano's when you can, these are some busy and very inspiring ladies for sure and I love supporting them.

From the Avedano's website...

"Each of the owners brings a unique set of skills to the table. Tia, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Sociale in Presidio Heights, is the in-house butcher. In addition to trimming meats, she creates the rotating menu of seasonal prepared foods that are available for take-out. Melanie, who also works with Tia at Sociale, is responsible for procuring many of the hard-to-find products offered in the market. An entrepreneur and a former cook, Angela brings back of the house and management experience to the day-to-day operations of the business and also serves as the bookkeeper."

PS - Don't EVEN get me started about the grey salt carmels I got them for dessert and loved them so much I opened the wrappers back up an hour later and made sure to lick all of the sticky goodness off of them!


Angela said...

Sounds incredible, the market and your pasta dish. I've never had raw garbanzo beans either. I will have to look for them. That's the lovely thing about the city, it's literally the Garden of Eden for food. Eat some grey salt carmels for me, please.
Big Kiss,

The Maltese Kat said...

I am eating one RIGHT NOW!!! ha ha!

Ali said...

I agree, it sounds great, it's a fab picture too.. What's a grey salt carmel? And how can something with such a dodgy name be so good?!?! I don't know what a garbanzo bean is either, am away to google it incase it's just called something different here!

Ali said...

Ah HA!!! CHICK PEAS!!! Should totally have known from the picture! dope! and the caramel is regular caramel with salt???! still don't get it!X

The Maltese Kat said...

Yes, you got it! Garbanzo, Chickpea, ChiChi bean...I dont know why so many names for one bean. Grey Salt carmels are regualr carmels with a little honey in them and grey sea salt on top, a little crunch, a little salt and lots of sweet all together = yummmm in my book.
Thanks for the comments!


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