Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Boy Blue

I seriously could not even get BayLee's bed fluffed up for him and ready for his day of napping fast enough this morning. Once it touched the bed, he was on it kneading it like a ball of dough, once he got settled, this is what I get for fluffing it up for him...the ignore, back turned and blinders on! How's that for Thank You.
My Mom always said, "you haven't been ignored until you have been ignored by a cat".


robin said...

so true, Mrs. Lemke! But that's why I love cats so much-I love the attitude!

Angela said...

My thanks is puke! Claudine pukes daily. I will take a Bay Lee over a Claudine, please. He super-loves this pillow because you made, that's a thanks, isn't it?

Ali said...

Rita, fat grumpy old witch that she is has taken over a Lab' sized dog cushion and will not give it back!! She kneads too, I think it's very cute! You can totally tell from his ears that he knows you're up to something!!x

The Maltese Kat said...

I love your comments ladies!
BayLee always knows when I am taking his photo - he is a total poser too. When are they coming out with America's Next Top Cat Model because I think we would make it far.


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