Friday, March 27, 2009

A Girl and Her Dog

Mid 70's here today and yesterday and loving it.
I took these photos Thursday at lunch of my friend Wendy and her dog Daisy and I am thrilled with the way they came out. Daisy is usually scared of the camera, but with me being at a distance and her not knowing I was shooting, it all worked out. I love when people (and animals) don't know you are taking their photo, they are so natural and are just "in the moment". I don't know if you can see it, but in the photo where Wendy is kissing Daisy her eyes are closed, it is so sweet, I almost cried when I loaded these not knowing what I had really captured.

Thanks Wendy and Daisy for letting me shoot away the other day. Hope you don't mind me sharing with my readers.


Ali said...

sweet! Daisy has GREAT ears! - can't see Wendy's but I'm sure they're very nice too!! hee hee!

Angela said...

What a great collage.
Those two are a perfect pair, so cute and so sweet.
My favorite pic is the top left, Wendy and Daisy looking into each other's eyes!
Everybody sing "So Happy Together!"

The Maltese Kat said...

I know, these photos need a soundtrack for sure.
Ali, for the record, one of Wendy's ears stands up just like Daisy's! Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the two where I am hugging her. In case it doesn't show... I adore this dog. She is my best buddy. Thank you for capturing that in photos, Katie!

Amy O. said...

I just happened upon this post. The pictures are beautiful and you can tell how much they loved each other.


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