Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mascara Mayhem Part II

My quest continues for the perfect lash, I have decided to add a few new reviews to my mascara mayhem post from back in 2006 - here is the link, pretty funny post I reread it yesterday and had a giggle. I was funny back in those days, or at least I think I was.
Again, I will review the products from left to right and then reveal my favorite.

Cover Girl Volume Exact - Cover Girl does it again, with the same applicator as my beloved Lash Exact mascara, please...did the original inventor of this wand get an award or perhaps a Nobel Peace Prize for mellowing out the mascara mavens of the world that were in search of the best applicator? This formula works about the same as the lash exact which I love, I didn't see a real volume increase, my lashes were a little thicker, but no curl or lift. Still smudge proof, still a great price, but I prefer the Lash Exact, this one was a little too thick for my taste.

Bare Essentials Buxom Lash - Looks like someone took the applicator from Cover Girl and added some curves by cinching it a little in the middle. This slightly hourglass shaped wand is like a Lash Louis Leakey meaning it discovered the missing link! It made the connection between my lids and the tips of my lashes and along the way unearthed lashes that I didn't even know existed, some were hidden for decades because they were either too light in color or got clumped together with the others, not ever getting to be an individual until now. Suddenly they were all standing tall on the tips of my lids all fanned and curled waiting to be batted at someone - more often than not, that someone is me in the mirror ( you doin'?). The curves on the brush really work and the no clump applicator is a bonus in my book. It also is free of the following junk: - Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Phthalates which I super love!

L'Oreal Bare Natural Mascara - I liked the thought of this 86% natural-origin ingredients. I also liked the tortoise shell like packaging separating itself from the other plain packages. I was so ready to love this mascara, but it did not perform as expected. It takes a while to dry and the brush is too spread apart for my bunched together lashes, therefore resulting in groups of lashes stuck together leaving me looking like Twiggy (eh hem, that is, only in the lash area). No clumps or chunks left behind and it is super light weight. I just don't have time to put this mascara on, finish getting ready while trying not to blink because of the wet factor and then have to go back and comb and separate afterwards. Not for this gal!

Too Faced Lash Injection - Bought a sample/travel size of this last year and LOVED it. I really thought this was it. It did my lashes right, evenly coated them and left them flexible and not too stiff like some of the others. Lifted and separated like a Wonderbra for your lashes. I quickly ran out of it and decided to get the regular size since it was a hit. When I tried it the next day, it wasn't the same. Something had happened. I like the brush in the smaller size. The larger wand looked the same, not sure what went awry, but this wasn't the same as what I had used before. I ended up using it but had to comb my lashes afterwards to keep them from caking together, think pound cake, not angel food cake. Back to the drawing board.

Bare Essentials Buxom Lash! Move over Lash Exact, there is a curvier wand in town! It is twice the price of the Lash Exact but well worth the splurge if you ask me. I am strictly a mascara and lip gloss gal so my cosmetic expenses are not too high compared to some other made up ladies. I keep my costs down by waxing my own brows and doing my own manicures and pedicures as well. I believe it is important to take time for yourself and take care of yourself, it means so much more I think than having someone else do it, although it is nice once in a blue moon.

I said it once and I will say it again, work what your Momma gave you and play it up. If you want your lashes the length of Lana's or the height of Hayworth's, you might just have to buy some and stick them on.


Angela said...

I love this post and the previous on mascara. I suck in the make-up department. I have never found a good mascara and always have to fix it once applied, why is it so hard? I will have to investigate your top pick, thanks for the reviews. Although, I probably won't need mascara anytime soon since I have no job and nowhere to go!
Arggghhhh. . . .
Miss you,

Anonymous said...

Hey you two Mediterranean beauties... you have both been blessed with georgeous lashes - with or without the help of Buxamalicious-Mascarius (my nod to your Leakey comment). The real test of this year's Maltese Kat Does Mascara Contest will be on these puny, stick straight lashes! I will report back...


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