Saturday, December 22, 2007

Recent Crafts

A couple of weeks ago I made these cute teacup candles. Seems like I have seen them in a couple magazines the past few months (Martha Stewart and Country Living) so I decided I would give it a shot. They were super easy to make, and people seem to like them. It is amazing the amount of teacups that are missing saucers (not to mention cute shapes and patterns) you can get for next to nothing at your local thrift shop or Salvation Army. The hardest part for me was deciding on who would get each teacup! I made twelve of them and have some left for random gifts, etc.
Here are 2 of my favorites...
Another cool thing I just did, well not really a craft, just spray paint. I spray painted this old twine holder I had, it was rusty wrought iron and not very fun, so I gave it a face lift - it looks super cute with my gigantic cone of bakers twine on it, don't you think? The little loop on top used to be a cutter for the string, but it is super old and does not cut anymore but I love it.


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