Sunday, December 30, 2007

Highs and Lows of 2007

Well, I actually had to look back at my past posts and my journal to compile this list. This past year was a blur, I tell you. With so much focus on the adoption, I forgot about some other things that I did this year.
  • Took Ballet 101 Class at San Francisco Ballet and got an in depth and behind the scenes look at the ballet.
  • Recovered myself from identity theft - pain in the ass, but I recovered everything, so I count it as a high.

  • My brother came to visit in February and in July!

  • My sister came to visit in April (with my Mom) and in August!

  • Finished ALL adoption paperwork (home study visits as well)

  • Angela had baby Frankie!

  • Katie (cousin of Tim) had baby Reece!

  • Got a new fridge (after three weeks without one)

  • Reorganized my craft space


  • Missed the Yoga Journal Conference due to illness
  • Had to cancel India trip last minute because someone stole my identity (didn't get as far as they could have, but it was bad enough, believe me).

  • Got serious Spring/Travel Fever and still have not gotten over it

  • Sneezed my back out of whack on my 33rd Birthday

  • Apache, need I say more? (see Sept. 5 post for more info.)
Well, not as good of year as I was hoping for, but I think 2008 is going to be a goodie!

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