Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

I have the day off today and am literally just loafing around, I slept until 10:30 (delicious). I figure I mind as well enjoy it before the New Year starts and I promised myself I would not be so lazy in the new year. We will see what happens.

The weekend was pretty nice. Saturday we went and ran errands, went to the mall to get a belt for Tim and we also got our annual photo booth photos taken - so fun! Then we went to Target (I had to return something) and we went to Costco. For Christmas, my parents gave us a gift card for Costco and we purchased a Sirius satellite radio with it. When we got home we made some coffee and ate the cinnabon's we got at the mall, as I read the instructions for wiring the antenna to the radio in my car. It sounded more complicated that it really was.

Sunday, Tim went with me to the monthly membership meeting at the Maltese American Social Club. It was his first time there and the meeting was hilarious (as always). It was the current President's last meeting so he had to give his speech about his accomplishments, etc. We also had to vote on some new positions. The President has been a member of the club since 1947, which I think is incredible. He has basically done everything there and it was his time to retire. When the meeting was over we came home and wired the new radio into the car. I had to run some wires beneath the dash board which was actually kind of fun because it was a challenge. I only had time to run the antenna before Tim had to leave for a tennis match. When he got home, I finished in the dark of the driveway and activated the radio. Since that was done we decided we had to go for a drive to check it out. We went out for dinner and had a fun time playing with the radio. I think it will make my commute a little better, did you know there is 4 NPR stations on there? I don't have a long distance commute, just a lot of traffic and it seems to be getting worse over the years - that is what makes it long. So now, while I sit in traffic, I can be listening to a Grateful Dead concert on the Dead 24/7 channel or I can listen to a great interview on NPR talk. The options are endless. I love it and haven't really even explored all of the channels. There is even a Martha Stewart channel!

Anyway, I have to run out for a walk to the drug store soon - I need some black nylon stockings. Tim and I are going to the New Years Eve Dinner Dance at the Maltese Club tonight. We have never gone out on New Years Eve, all the years we have been together, this is the first time we have gone anywhere. It should be fun! I will report back tomorrow if I have the energy to blog.

Happy New Year! Be safe tonight whatever you do!

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