Monday, December 17, 2007

The Ladies of the Maltese Club

I am a little behind on my posts, but last Tuesday was the annual Maltese American Social Club Women's Committee gift exchange.
We had a nice sit down dinner together. My new pals at the club will only speak to me in Maltese, they tell me that is the only way I am going to learn. Tough love I guess.
Anyway, we had a nice dinner, dessert and then the gift exchange.
I gave a painted Italian pasta bowl from Macy's that I will admit, would have loved to have kept for myself. Last year I was number 36 in line to pick my gift from the pile, but this year, I was number 5! No pressure, I was surrounded by lovely wrapped gifts all calling out "pick me, pick me". I went for a mid size box, wrapped in snowy white paper as shiny as ice with the print of holly berries dancing all over it. Atop was a nicely tied simple red ribbon.
I took my gift back to my seat and proceeded to open it. Beneath the paper my gift reveled itself. I got a nice set of glass candle holders with round white candles to go with them. Honestly, they are not my style, but they are nice and I was glad I didn't get the snowman fountain that the lady next to me got.
It wasn't as exciting as last year, when I started the fire (by accident of course) but it was really nice. I love hanging out with the ladies at the club, I wish there were more people there my age, but I guess everyone is too busy to get involved in their culture. The ladies I sat with were telling me what it was like in Malta during WW II and all that they went through as children, it was amazing and sad at the same time. The human spirit is incredible to me. These are some strong women that I completely love and admire. I thank God for leading me on my trip to Malta, finding my family there and also introducing me to these fantastic ladies. I will never know my Grandfather but I would like to think that he would be proud that I am involved with the Maltese Club and I think I see a little of him in the men at the club as well. If they are a tiny glimpse of what he was like, it makes me sad to have never met him.

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