Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mail from Malta!

I was sort of down in the dumps when I got home from work today, but when Tim handed me the mail and an unusual stamp was peaking out of the usual stack of bills and Christmas cards. I grabbed the corner with the stamp and slowly pulled it out, it was from Malta! It was a very sweet card with a note from my Mom's cousin and her husband and my second cousin (AKA Mary Rose, Frank and Father Ray). I was so excited about it, my eyes teared and I called my Mom to tell her about it and read her the note that was inside. Funny thing is, I have been thinking about them so much and have really been wanting to go to Malta again to visit them. I sent them one of our cards and a letter as well - hopefully it will get there soon.

Anyway, not to poo poo all of the other Christmas cards we have been getting at all, I love them all, just was surprised to hear from Malta! It made my day!

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