Monday, March 05, 2007

Update long overdue

Here is a long overdue update - in a nutshell.
I am not in India, I am in the U.S. trying to clean up my accounts since I found out someone went crazy with my ATM/Visa card a couple days before I was to leave for India. I have been working my tushie off trying to make sure nothing besides my bank accounts were tampered with. What a mess. I don't wish this on anyone. I had to cancel my credit cards, place a police report and spend countless hours on the phone trying to make sure I was covered and freeze my credit for a while so no one can establish credit in my name. I just got my ATM card this past weekend. I couldn't leave for India without a credit card and also needed to stay to get all the paperwork complete in a timely manner so my bank can credit the charges back that I did not approve. So now, not am I only missing out on India, I am also thinking a lot about Vietnam as I usually go there this time of year.
What a headache.
I am bouncing back and my life is starting to get back to it's busy self.

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