Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring is here!

I LOVE the time change! I am SO EXCITED about it. My yoga schedule is back on point. They always change the schedule in March and now the classes I used to take are available again and I am pumped! I am ready to shed my fluffy winter coat that has been hugging my midsection for some time now. I love being able to do things after work and not get home in the dark - yippie! I woke up on time today too, which is a small miracle considering I went to bed at 11:30 PM.

My weekend was great. Friday after work, I drove Susan home. It is so nice to get stuck in traffic with someone you can really talk to, you know? So much better then when you are alone. After dropping her off, I swung by the house and picked up Tim and we went out for dinner (Celia's for Mexican). We walked around Target to burn off our dinner and then went home.

Saturday, I woke up at about 9:15 and took my time getting out of the house to run some errands with Tim. We went to the Filipino Bakery that he is addicted to and then went to get some photos taken (passport, visa, adoption, etc.). After that we went to the pet food place to get Bay-Lee some new nail clippers and look for a laser for Gus (my catphew). I went to SuperCuts to get a hair trim for the spring. I needed my ends cut off, they were looking kind of rough. When we got home we took one of our online adoption courses (we have to take 10 hours worth) - we took turns reading the information on the screen and completed a quiz at the end. This week's class was on Attachment and Bonding (mostly about attachment disorders, which is pretty scary). We have a lot more to go, but will be done in a couple weeks. We have a couple nights a week set aside to do the classes since we can take them at any time, which is really nice.

Saturday night I watched a movie that I will recommend to all of you, thanks to Debbie. The movie is called, On A Clear Day (2005) from the U.K. It is a feel good movie about a man, midlife who is going through some bad times and decides, with the help of his friends that he is going to swim the English Channel. I loved it, I cried at the end, happy tears. It was a great movie. Since I am on the topic of movies, I also saw another Debbie recommendation called, Home Movie, this is a documentary about the whacked out things people do to their homes or weird places people live. One family lived in a missile/rocket launch site, it is only about 65 minutes and pretty entertaining. People crack me up so I really enjoyed it. There are some freaks out there for sure.

Sunday, again, slept in a bit. Tim played tennis so it was nice and quite in the house so Bay-Lee and I lounged in the bed until Tim got home at about 9:30 or so. Got up, tidied the house a little and then ran the vacuum. We met up with Jadin for a late lunch/early dinner at 2:30 and hung out at the restaurant until about 5:45 and then walked around Clemente Street until about 8:30. It was so nice the city yesterday, in the 70's and not a cloud in the sky, even in the Richmond district!

Anyway, it is Monday and I am positive it is going to be a GREAT week! I feel it is up to me to make that decision for myself in the beginning of the week and it will happen.

Yoga tonight and I am very EXCITED!

Stay tuned...

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The Maltese Kat said...

Nice! Let me know when the store is open and I will be the first in line.


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