Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Fever!

I am suffering the repercussions of not being able to go to India. I want to go on vacation so bad right now. Being that we are working on adoption stuff I am having trouble parting with money for a vacation when I know there will be a little one around in the next year or so. Ugh, tough decision. My Mom and Sister are coming out for a long weekend in April and I have time off for that so perhaps that will suffice, but I am thinking it isn't going to make up for time somewhere else in the world. I was thinking about going to Malta again in the spring and then Tim and I were talking about maybe taking a vacation together in the spring for our anniversary. I just don't know. I go to bed each night reliving my walks on the promenade along the Mediterranean sea. I remember that sailing trip like it was yesterday and want to go again, if there is a next time I will jump in the sea, I swear. I miss my afternoons laying on warm limestone and evenings shopping at Marks and Spencer. I want to eat dinner late and paint each night and slowly walk along cobble stone after evening mass while eating gelato. I could use some serious energy around Tim's birth certificate being delivered to the house so he can go and get his passport pronto because I am chomping at the bit to get out and get somewhere I tell you. It would be nice if he could go to Malta with me this time. Ugh, I am scared if I go myself I am not going to come back. I mean, I know I will, with the baby business and everything, but it was so tempting to stay there last time I was there. Maybe someday we will end up there. It can't come soon enough though, I tell you.

One thing holding me here tonight is ANTM is on tonight and I am pumped as always PLUS I get to ride Apache tomorrow.

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pomegranate seed said...

greetings from bangkok! girl, wish you were here with me (even if it isn't india at the moment)... i will be back in SF soon and we can catch up... miss you! we'll go to india someday! i have faith!


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