Monday, March 19, 2007

My Weekend at the Movies (sort of)

I was not feeling so well on Saturday so I was lying low and realized that we had HBO for free over the weekend. DANGER ZONE for Katie. I watched a few movies I saw commercials for that I swore I would never watch in the theatre and got sucked into watching at home. Here is my shameful list:

1. Take the Lead
2. Monster in Law
3. Wedding Crashers

None of these are really worth watching to be honest with you. Sorry if some of you saw these and liked them. I did however; watch a movie that I rented that I thought was fabulous. It is called In the Soup. The star of the film is Steve Buscemi (whom I love, I know, very strange) and also a cameo appearance by Jim Jarmusch which is always a treat. Most of you know, I LOVE movies about making movies and this was one that I was surprised I had not seen. I recommend it. It is a little dark (go figure) and off beat (again, go figure) and I loved it. Again, I never want to give away too much in case anyone wants to check it out.

Saturday was pretty boring, just hung out, watched movies and cleaned a little. Tim played tennis in the afternoon and I took a long nap, which was sooo delicious.

Sunday, Tim played tennis in the morning so I slept in (SLOTH). When Tim got home we went for breakfast at our favorite coffee shop in Daly City and then went to Target to buy some essentials and no so essentials (2 CD’s). After that we went to a game store to get some new games after playing Scrabble on Saturday night we needed a change. Tim had a tennis match in the afternoon so I had some time alone, I did some laundry and danced around (truly, that is what I do when he is not home, I am not ashamed, I LOVE dancing). I worked up a sweat so I took a quick shower, made dinner and Tim came home. After dinner we played our new game called, In a Pickle. It is a fun word game and can get real silly really fast. We laughed so hard last night I was wheezing. I can't wait to get home tonight so we can play again. Check it out

Anyway, hope none of you are having a manic Monday. Today is the day that sets the tone for the rest of the week, try to make it positive.

Stay tuned...

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