Monday, October 23, 2006


One more day would be nice! The weather has been perfect the last three days and I need more time on the beach, I came all the way here and have no tan to show for it, but have had the time of my life.
Saturday, I went sailing with Father Ray's friends, Anthony (Tony) came to pick me up and I wasn't sure what to expect when we got to the yacht yard, but the boat was incredible. It was a 50' sail boat. There were 3 others there to help sail, Mario, Daniel and Jonathan. Then Marsa and her husband Patrick showed up with a big ole pot of something and bags of food. James and Denise and their 2 kids, Christina and Matthew (6 weeks old). We took off from the harbor in Valletta and sailed to Saint Pauls islands and dropped anchor to swim, eat and chill. The Maltese know how to do it up, first they passed out wine, white to start. Then they opened nuts and chips. Then Marsa started cooking in the kitchen (yes, there was a kitchen on the boat and 4 bedrooms with bathrooms!). She made pasta aubergine (eggplant), it was INCREDIBLE. I helped shred cheese in between trying to get my balance, which was hilarious after a couple glasses of wine. The guys all swam, the ladies were not hot enough, it was cool out there, I had a sweater on the entire time. We ate dinner and then there was a cheese course with crackers, bread and two kinds of hard cheese that I have not heard of in the states. After the guys cleaned up (yes, they cleaned up!) we had coffee, cake and cookies. It was never ending. We were on the water from 1:45 PM - 8:45 PM, we came into Valletta harbor after dark and it was breath taking! I had so much fun. When we were done, everyone left. I helped Tony and Mario clean up a bit and then we all took off, Tony drove me back home. Sailing was incredible, the wind was really good and we went 7.4 knots at one point, I guess that is pretty good for sailing. The boat at times would tip and it would feel like you were going to get wet for sure, but then it would rock back to the other side when they switched the sail. It was amazing, I would love to learn how to sail. Being on the water was great and I didn't get sick, I did take my Dramamine though!
Yesterday, got up at 4:45 AM for my ride at 5:30 PM to the port to go to Sicily. I slept the entire time on the boat. The day was so packed, it was insane. A little too much if you ask me. There were so many people and the bus, ugh, need I say more. Next time I think I will take the boat over and stay a couple days to make it worth it. We did go to Mt Etna which was active, so that was cool. We could see it really well after dark.
Today, I got up, went shopping to spend the last of my Maltese money and laid on the beach for the afternoon. It is now 4:57 PM and I need to get back to my place so I can take a shower before the long lost family members come and pick me up for the evening. I called the guy I am renting from to confirm my ride to the airport tomorrow at 5:45 AM - ugh, I seriously thought about changing my flight to Wednesday, but also wanted that one day between coming home and going back to work.
Anyway, love you all! I just ate my final lemon sorbato! BOO HOO! Next year, I am coming for 2 whole weeks, maybe 2 1/2! And, alone again - ha ha! It was the best trip ever, no one else's agenda, just me and my shadow and Flowey (my stuffed buffalo).
Ciao Bye!
Please pray for a safe journey home for me tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I have no concern your flight will be blessed seeing as you have "holy blood"! Wow are you bringing me back a life-size luzzu? You are the best ever! Heee - I'll take a mini luzzu and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it - I alreayd have a place for it :) See... when you move to Malta we will still be just a boat ride away... me in Italy, of course! Oh come on people... a girls gotta have dreams. Hey... I bet you can get dual citizenship - how exciting is that? Happy trails home! Can't wait to see all the pics of people who look just like you! :)


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