Saturday, October 21, 2006

More from the Homeland

I called Father Ray last night and he is so sweet! He has two things set up for me and I am so excited. Today, his friends Anthony and some other dudes and dudettes I hope are picking me up to go sailing on Father Ray's boat! I was so excited last night I was listening to my iPod jumping around like Liv Tyler in "Stealing Beauty" when she is in her Tuscan bedroom! Unfortuatly, Father Ray has 4 funerals today and is very busy this weekend, but that didnt keep him from making plans for me and letting his friends take me out on his boat. Geeze, I hope I dont puke - Wendy you freaked me out about getting sea sick, actually you, Tim and Andrew. I have never gotten sick before on a boat, but this is the Sea, a little different than rivers in Vietnam and Lakes in Michigan - please pray for me that I dont make fish food over the side of the boat today. I have my alarm on my watch set for 12:30 PM to take my Dramamine one hour before departure. He said that they would bring me back to my apartment tonight around 7 PM or so if that is OK with me. OK with me? I practically peed myself in the phone booth when he told me about it. I get a personal tour of the islands on the boat belonging to a relative of mine who is a man of the cloth? God is here all over the place, I love it!
The second thing he set up for me is his Mother (Mary Rose) and his Father (Frank) are going to pick me up on Monday evening at 6:30 PM and take me out for my last night, I have no idea really what the plan is but I am game. Also, Frank is really into making family tree's and he is making me one. He had it complete up to my Grandfather Carmelo, but then it stopped until I came here! I know, I am gushing, sorry! I am bummed that my trip is coming to an end, but I have fun plans the last three days. Today sailing, tomorrow Sicily (I just went and got my Euros so I can spend some money) and Monday, more shopping at Marks and Spencer and evening with my long lost family and then my ride comes at 5:45 AM on Tuesday to take me to the airport. I will be back here for sure! I may even have to cash out all of my savings and stock options and move here for all I know. It would be easier for me to get residency than some others who have no family here. Tim would love it too! He could work securtiy at the Cafe where Carmen's friend Sherry works, she saw his photo and asked me if he wanted a job here!
Well, I better get the rest of my pre-Sicily errands run (snacks for the early morning boat ride, more sunscreen, etc.) and then I will have to be getting on to the Preluna Hotel where my ride (Anthony) is coming to pick me up. I dont even know this person, but since my 3rd cousin or whoever he is, is a Priest and he set it up, I am sure it will be AWESOME! I hope we get to fish, I want to catch a Lampuka - the National fish of Malta. Oh my gosh, I wonder if they are going to let me jump off the side of the boat into the sea? It is clear and SUNNY today too, about 85 degrees for once.
I could go on, but I wont, plus I onlu have 2 minutes left on the computer before my time is up!
Love you all!

PS - Wendy, you get your cookie and your Luzzu when I get back!

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