Friday, October 20, 2006

The Eagle has Landed - we have contact!

I met family today!
I met Father Ray Toledo today and we are related! He got his Mom and Dad on the phone and there was a lot of 'Carmelo Calleja, America, Katherine, Katerina, Katie his Grand Daughter, she is here! Carmelo, his daughter Emilia, her daughter' followed by a lot of squealing, hala hala hala la la noise, etc. I wish I understood the language - what a pity. Anyway, my Great Grandfather Giuseppe had a brother who died young (about 40) and Father Ray's mother is his daughter. I know it is confusing, who ever can tell me what kind of cousins we are, etc. or if Ray's Mom is my Mom's cousin, etc. I will give you a cookie. I am confused and so excited at this point and cant believe I have actually met someone I am related to. Father Ray is a very busy Priest, I am supposed to call him tonight at 10:00 PM to see if we can get together with his parents on his boat tomorrow night or Monday. That would be really nice. I am so glad I brought photos, etc. Everyone who has seen the photos think my Dad is Maltese too, they are very interested in his background - I tell them he is Mafia from Sicily and I cant talk about him, just kidding!
I just had a driver take me back to Grandpa's house so I could get a close up of the sign on the house and see if the church was open, but it was not, another pity, it is supposed to be beautiful.
Yesterday, I found out that Marks and Spencer carries cool jeans that actually fit me, dangerous. I bought one pair but am dreaming of another. I have also seen some really nice shoes but haven't bought any.
Mom, I have been trying to get the lace you wanted, but what they have here is not that nice - I don't like it, it looks like it was done on a machine and has colored flowers embroidered on it. Perhaps I will go back to Valletta on Monday and look some more.

Wendy, if my memory about your European adventure last summer serves me right, you loved chocolate chip gelato - am I correct? I couldn't remember what flavor you said, but think it was that one. I saw some being made yesterday, they piled the white heavenly creamy part into the silver freezer container and while they piled it in, they would take chocolate and make stripes all over it and it would freeze. I must have been foaming at the mouth because the young man assembling it gave me a taste and it about knocked me down. Damn it was good.

Angela, thanks for your comments you are so sweet! I am glad you are keeping up with me.

Wendy, one more thing, seriously, I read more than half of 'The Book of Bright Ideas' last night. I love it and couldn't put it down! Thanks for the great read. I am sure to finish it tonight. I love not having a TV but cant help but wonder who got voted off ANTM last night. HA ha!

Well, this gal needs to eat. It is 2:40 PM and I have walked about 5 miles today on nothing but a date roll and water. It is HOT and I am needing to refuel and get to the beach to take a nappy before it rains, again. The weather has been HOT but not sunny. Alright though, I am in heaven.

I have just inhaled so much cigarette smoke sitting here, I need to clear out my lungs outside as well.

PS - The computer I am using has sticky keys (unsettling) so I hope I haven't made too many mistakes on this posting.


Anonymous said...

OMG - I just wrote a very long response and lost it when it was posting. So this will be much shorter, darn it! Ang is correct AJ was voted off and Meg the week before. So happy you are having a memorable adventure and you found a home. Where do you want me to ship your stuff after I pack it up?
So... I wrote out your family tree. Father Ray is your mother's second cousin. Which means that GGG (Great Grandfather Guiseppe) and F. Ray's mother and your Grandfather were first cousins. Make sense? Does on paper anyway. So when can I come visit you in your new home at Casa de Guiseppe? Keep the updates coming - I am living vicariously thorhg you and am missing my beloved Italy so much listening to your stories. So you found M&S? M&S used to be my clothing source and I still have a shirt from there some 11+ years later. Let's see... my last epic reply said someting about cats, rats and roaches... missing you... did I mention I wish I were there. Actually, can I be La Maid de Casa de Guiseppe? Love you so much... this is considerably shorter than my previous, but dont' want to write anymore incase I screw it up again. Ciao Ciao - and a kiss!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! I messed that up...

Your Grandfather and Father Ray's mother were first cousins. Which means that Father Ray and your mother are second cousins. Make sense? Where is my cookie? May I have gelato instead... yes, I have been in love with C.Chip Gelato since the day I landed in Italy, some 25 years ago (geez I am old). It just doesn't taste the same in the states! Hey... did I read "date roll" - um dates... you must be in heaven!

By the way... D


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