Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ahhhhh MALTA!

I am in freakin Malta and I am in LOVE. With the island that is.
Sorry I have not updated sooner. The internet is not as easy to find here as it was in Vietnam. I am having a wonderful time. I learned very quickly that the National Bird of Malta is not the falcon, it is the mosquito and many have welcomed me to the country (thanks guys, especially for biting me on my palm, that one feels really good). The National Animal is the giant cockroach and one walked over my foot and up my leg the other day while I was talking to a woman in her shop. I just shook it off, she is the one who freaked out. There are many horses here pulling the old school carts around. There are a ton of cats just chillin and everyone here goes out at night and walks the promande with their dog(s). 80's and 90's music is very popular as well as designer knock offs and fake lables, it is great! Church is very important to the people here, sometimes the church even over rides the government. It is about 1:15 PM on Tuesday the 17th. Everything is closed for lunch and siesta but not the one and only internet cafe I came all the way to Valletta by bus for. I actually had some other official business to take care of here with my friend Joe Calleja and his wife Carmen (who I just LOVE). No, we are not related, but he is very nice and is showing me around and trying to help me find family (to no avail at this point though). Joe had to go and do some things so Carmen and I went shopping and to a cafe and she just left me to go and collect her Grand Daughter from school. I am going to hang out here in Valletta for the afternoon while it is nice outside. It has been storming each night and yesterday all of the ferries were closed due to the water conditions. I have been all over the island already too - I have seen fresco paintings from the 16th century and also have gone to where the apostle Paul was shipwrecked and the grotto that he stayed in when he brought Christianity to Malta. I have never seen things so old in my life. I also have gone to the Mosta Dome where a bomb went through the roof during WWII and never detonated - it was a miracle. I even saw the bomb. People here look like me and some come to me and try to speak Maltese to me too, I have to stop them and tell them English only, sorry. They ask if I am Maltese and I say yes, and then they try to teach me Maltese. The last two tours I have been on, I am the youngest and the only single traveler so I get to sit in the front next to the driver - so fun! The driving here is insane though so it can get a little scary.
I have bee walking every night with the people from Sliema where I am staying to Paceville (pacha-ville) for my evening stroll - about 2 miles or so - I feel great, it is humid as all get out and there is mold everywhere, but no allergies. Not even after my dinner of bread, cheese, olives and beer last night - YUMM! I am in heaven for sure.
I love you all and will write more when I can (if I can find another internet cafe.)

PS - Angela, can you please call Tim and let him know my blog address, and let him know that I am safe and having fun, etc.? I would really appreciate it. I have already called my Mom twice and forgot to ask her to do it because I have been preoccupied with her and asking a lot of family questions, etc. If he wants a more detailed update, tell him to call my Mom and Dad.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie
It was just great to tune in tonight to your blog and find your very recent message.
Bruce and I have been thinking of you and talking about you, since we heard from Jess that we are accepted for Vietnam for March 2007. Yeh!!! We are travelling with our daughter Eliza...just your age and a dynamic, nutty lady too!!! Sure hope that this means travelling with you again!! can't imagine the humanitarian projects without your guidance!!
Stay safe and well there in Malta. who knows, we may get a first hand report some day on a LONG bus trip!!!
Much love,

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks for your comments ladies. I love hearing that people are checking in on my blog while I am away.
Ciao for now!


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