Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gum Anyone?

I know, this is silly, but had to share it with you. Most of you know, I am a gum chewer, I love my gum and I wanted to let you all know about a new one I just tried.

Someone, who will remain unmentioned (I don’t want you to be flooded with requests for this product) gave me a pack of “Cat Butt Gum”. I think it is hilarious. The front of the package is funny. It was hard to photograph, but the white bubble says, “8 pieces of kiss my ass attitude”. The back of the package is the best, it reads (typed verbatim):

7 helpful occasions to chew this gum

1. When you suddenly need to change your mood.
2. When somebody yell at you and you don’t want to listen.
3. If you are lack of attitude.
4. When you need to refuse.
5. When you want to be picky.
6. When you want to be selfish.
7. When you definitely want to say “kiss my ass!”

*chew more than one if you need extra attitude.
Made in Canada

I decided to chew 2 because like a cat, I am curious and I can always use some extra attitude. Actually the gum has a nice peppermint flavor, but it doesn’t last long. Also, I wish they had made it sugar-free.

I would like to thank our neighbors to the North for coming up with this product. It made me laugh and kept my jaws busy for a while.

9 Days until Malta!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie
I thought that I should send a comment from Canada about the gum....funny but I have only seen it in Bellingham Washington!!
Mom tells me that you are away to Malta soon,
Have a great trip. I will be checking your blog to see how you are faring.


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