Thursday, July 20, 2006


I had a wonderful ride yesterday! No Snickers though, I said hello to him and he turned his back to me, nice, eh? Jennifer (my instructor) decided that since we had a rare hot day and the coast had no fog at all, we should take a trail ride (western style) down to the beach. I was so excited. After last week's drama, I wanted to have a nice mellow lesson. I got a horse named Silver - how perfect. She was HUGE and white with tiny spots, a thoroughbred and so sweet. She was a little silly too. First she got her leg caught up in the rope that tied her to the post, I got there to undo it before she freaked out though (phew!). Then when we went to grab our saddles, she untied herself and was hiding right behind us. We got saddled up and ready to go, took a couple laps around the arena and took off on the trail (which Silver had to be pulled a little since she didn't want to leave the arena). Once we got out there, it was simply amazing. Narrow winding trails, steep inclines and downgrades taught me to lean back or forward depending on what Silver was doing. We got down to the beach and it was so fun. We walked a little bit, ran a little bit (I am NOT used to it though so we stopped). Jennifer was on a horse named Slinky who loves to run so they ran and Silver and I cantered and then walked a little more. Lots of people on the beach stopped what they were doing to check out the horses too. It was the best ride yet. Silver doesn't like the water so every time a wave would come in she would move over as not to get her new shoes wet - I love it! We headed back up through the hills in the heat and got back to the stable after some huffing and puffing on the last incline and took the saddles off and hosed off the horses. I had some nice alone time with Silver and gave her a Pink Lady Apple which she loved. She put her nose against my tummy and moved it up and down from my face to my tummy with frothy apple and hay mouth - I was loving every minute. When we were done hanging out she went back into the corral with her friends. I went to visit another horse that I love, named Magic. He has cancer so I always make a point to say hello to him and tell him I love him. I am having so much fun with the horses, I never imagined this at all. It is beyond my wildest dreams.
PS - I wore my helmet too!

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