Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dust Your Boots Off and Try Again!

Woah, what a night I had Wednesday night. My second riding lesson didn't go as smoothly as the first. Snickers started out being very obstinate, didn't want to trot, didn't want to walk faster than a snails pace, etc. I realized that I wasn't in command like I was last time - maybe I got a little cocky or thought he would just do what he did last time without me having to put forth too much effort, who knows. Anyway, there was a little drama at the stable...a woman from the stable next to where I was riding was out for a ride on her horse and her horse got spooked and bolted right into the ring where I was posting. My trainer had Snickers on a lead, she was holding the lead so he could only trot in a 20' circle around her and she could watch and critique me. Well the next thing I knew the dog at the stable "Eskimo" was barking and the near by horses started to rear and get upset as soon as I looked at my trainer and asked "what is going on" I looked forward and the horse that bolted was running right towards the lead between Snickers and I and my trainer so she yelled back, "I have to let go!". The black horse, Lady, ran right between us and Snickers reared to the right and I went to the left and flew off landing in a huge mud pile (water, sand, dirt and other unmentionable stuff). It all happened so fast, I didn't even freak out, I wasn't scared or anything - just wanted to know what happened. I got up, pet Snickers and talked to him for a little while to make sure he was OK. The woman from the stable next door came over and apologized and told us Lady went through some thorns or something and bolted, throwing the woman off (she was riding bareback). Lucky for her, she had a helmet on. Geeze. Anyway, after having a heart to heart with Snickers and Jennifer, I got right back on and finished my lesson. Snickers listened to everything I said after that and was a doll. I took the tack off and gave him and nice brush and gave him some carrots. I wasn't too sore that night but yesterday afternoon my knee that I went down on started hurting along with my shoulders, but today I feel good. I rested last night and did not go to yoga, I figured I needed some time for my body to heal from the impact. I have to say that I am surprised at how "in the moment" I was during the entire thing. I didn't get to far ahead of myself and think of all the things that could have happened nor did I dwell on it after. I cant wait to ride again next week. I think we may do Western next week, but I am not sure - we are mixing it up but like to use Snickers since he doesn't always get to get out unless there is a lesson.
With all of that said, I am buying a suit of armor for next weeks lesson!
Not really, but I am buying a helmet this weekend and some gloves for riding.
PS -If you feel like you need the totally play by play on this, call me and I will reenact it for you.

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Anonymous said...

Yipes! Please no more flying off of horses. But, congrats on becoming a real horsewoman -- everyone has to fall off once. And, you are a champion for getting right back on. High Ho Silver, Away....



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