Monday, July 31, 2006

Maximizing Summer Reading!

Ever since elementary school I have always upped the ante on reading books over the summer. This summer I have been trading in used books with the local used book store. I recently discovered their tiny selection of books on tape (or CD) and thought, why the heck not? On top of the current book I am reading (Shanghai Diary) I am also reading (listening to) another book! The trick is to get them so different from each other so you can't get them confused. It is fabulous and makes me look forward to my commute every day. By the end of this week, I will have one more book checked off my list. Another trick is to make sure the narrator is a good one. I know it is hard to tell sometimes. The best luck I have had is when the author is reading it or an actor - the one I have now is read by Kathy Najimy, who is wonderful.

Nothing will ever replace reading a great book, the paper, the print, the smell, and your imagination are all you need to escape from reality for a while.

The power of a book is amazing but why not mix it up and get some fun books on tape?


Anonymous said...

Oh - I am a big fan of the books on tape. It will be impossible to read all of the books on my list in my lifetime... so, listening to books on tape is a fast way for me to get those addtional books in. I agree - no substitue for the real thing... but you can have a reading book going and a book on tape going all at the same time. The proverbial - killing to birds - books - with one stone.

The Maltese Kat said...

My point exactly.


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