Monday, July 31, 2006

Museum Trio

I went to the Legion of Honor this weekend to meet up with Angela and Jan (we are the Museum Trio) to check out the Monet in Normandy exhibit. The art and the company were amazing as always. I think the thing I like best at museums, is checking out people's expressions when they are looking at the exhibits. Whether they are squinting to take in every brush stroke or their mouths are hanging wide open and they look like they are thinking "how did he do that?" I love it. What is the art saying to them I wonder. Art touches people in so many ways and speaks to some of us and does not say a word to others. It was nice to see mothers with their daughters, some of them not speaking but letting the art bridge the communication gap between them. It is nice to go to the museum with non-critical people, just a couple normal gals enjoying each others company looking at art without trying to analyze every piece. I just want to look and enjoy.

It was great day, we ate lunch at the museum, which is always wonderful and when we were done walking around we went out for cake and coffee (tea for me). Conversations with these two women are always great and filled with laughter. Jan amazes me with how many places she has visited around the globe. The stories of her journeys and her zest for travel are inspiring. Angela and her energetic go-get-em attitude rocks my world, she puts my anxiety to rest and reminds me of the power of positive thinking.

If you have a day with nothing to do, check out your local art museum, it won't let you down. I promise you will see at least one thing that will amaze and perhaps inspire you.

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