Monday, July 23, 2012

Walking with Korra

I am trying to write more each day in my journal (besides my normal update to myself) and rattled this off this evening and thought I would share. A lot of my writing I keep to myself, but may release more into the world if I feel so inclined - today, I feel inclined.

Early this morning we left the house with messy hair and sleepy eyes to walk the neighborhood and for little Miss Korra to take care of her eh-hem…business. The door creaked as it opened proving that it too, was a little stiff from not being used overnight but then the wind took it and slammed it closed forcing all of us to wake prematurely. You see, we are used to taking our morning walk in a sleepy daze, even going uphill we plod along one step at a time until a plant has been watered or fertilized and we can make our way home where hot tea and breakfast will be prepared; that is when the waking up usually begins. At our turning point this morning something drew us across the street, not our normal path which felt foreign but under our hazy veil we were both ok with it and then we saw it. Like a sugar coated toasty golden pillow with red sweetness oozing out onto the cement. Someone had dropped their jelly doughnut, leaving it sad and bleeding on the concrete. There were only two bites missing; enough for the owner of the mishap to get a taste of the tart but sweet filling and get an oily, sugary coating on their tongue, just the right amount to make them want more. What a loss I thought staring down at it, Korra was drawn to it like a hummingbird to fruit.  All of the sudden there was a spring in her step and she was instantly awake as she magnetically galloped toward it and with two words "leave it" she stopped dead in her tracks. She had such a sad look in her eyes, as if to say, "Please, I never ask for anything and I reallly, really want this. I need this. I can't live with out this. I don't even know what it is, but my nose is super strong and I can almost taste the fried goodness of this doughy pocket of jam. Can I pleeeese, just one lick? No, how about a close up smell so it touches my nose? No? Ugh….Ok, let's keep walking."  She begrudgingly gathered herself and we continued walking, Korra licking her chops and my mouth watering so bad I almost HAD to walk to the shop and buy one for myself. You know what, if I would have, I would have given the dog a bite. Well, on second thought, maybe. About ten more paces and we were at the corner of the street  and like a choreographed ballet, in unison we both looked back at the tragedy on the sidewalk. Both of us longing to have our own sweet breakfast. I pictured us at a café along the Seine in Paris, toasting with Café Au Laits and enjoying our morning pastries on crisp white dollies while accordion music played in the background. I am sure Korra imagined devouring the entire thing, not toasting at all to our good fortune but being completely selfish and wolfing everything down not leaving a crumb behind. In my dreamy state, I tripped on my own shoe and was instantly snapped back into reality. We walked the rest of the way home with our heads low, dreaming of eating foods we cannot have but finding comfort in the warmth of our morning routine, tea (for me) and kibble (for her of course).

3 hours later
Needed a change of scenery, the walls felt like they were closing in. Korra and I decided to go and sit outside since it was such a beautiful day and tap into the café's wireless network down the street so I could continue with my work day. The door seemed more loose this time upon opening and letting us out into the fresh air and my legs felt more sturdy and eyes much clearer. Maybe this morning's sight was a dream, I was pretty tired come to think about it. Korra trotted along next to me as we walked down a couple blocks and there it was…the scene of the confection crime all over again in our face and this time in what seemed like Technicolor as the blazing sun had seemed to bake the doughnut a little more and seal the jam to the concrete. The two words were again spoken "leave it" and Korra kept her cool. I, however, was so in my head about who lost their doughnut and how that would have ruined my entire day. I bet they were eating it protecting their fingers with with the tiny piece of satiny waxed bakery paper they use to pull the goodies out of the case and it slipped right out of their hand and landed SPLAT on the ground. Was there a struggle? I didn't see any signs as it looked kind of like it was placed there except for the bloody spray that came out the side. Heartbreaking. The heat had not only baked the red goo onto the sidewalk, it had also brought the smell up to human nose height and it smelled incredible. This time it was my turn to beg for the doughnut. I have been so good. I deserve the doughnut. I'll walk more later but go and get one now. No dice, the voice of reason inside of me stepped in and quelled any sort of combat my tastebuds were shooting at my brain. We kept walking.

6 hours later
Still there but now stepped on. Now I can't stop thinking of who in the hell would step on a jelly doughnut. Heathen!

Thanks Korra for the walks today and inspiring this story; you crack me up and yes, I can read your mind.


Amy O. said...

I can see her freaking out over it. And good job for not allowing the donut fairy to bust your healthy bubble.

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks Amy! We both wanted that darn doughnut but Korra is a good listener and my voice of reason stepped in at the right moment.


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