Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday in the City

Sunny today and a nice day to check out some new (to me) shops with my friend Amy.
We started at Pot & Pantry which we have attempted before but due to the lack of parking we had to forgo our last visit.  Lucky this time, there was a Monday - Friday loading zone right in front so we went right in and checked it out. Cute place and super nice shop owner. Some new, some used and some indy foodie publications with lovely photos (Gather, Kinfolk, etc.). I got an old Italian pudding mold which is painted so lovely on the outside. I am going to hang it on my kitchen wall which will soon be looking a lot different.
Here are some photos, but I suggest checking this cute little space out in person.
Our next stop was Flora Grub Gardens which was amazing - there is also a Ritual Coffee Roasters in the back of the store. This is my new "go to" for a coffee date, coffee break, place to take out-of-towners, etc. Beautiful store and super lax staff that let you gawk until your hearts content and take as many photos as you want. A old rusted truck was the first thing I saw, and you can climb a staircase into the bed of the truck to sit and have your coffee, well, I am SOLD.  Here are some of my favorite photos, I took a lot there though, super photo inspiring.
After we were well caffeinated (2 cappuccinos for Amy and a latte for me!), we decided we should eat lunch so we headed out but were sad to leave the sunny garden setting of this lovely place.  We headed over to Noe Valley, 24th Street to be exact as there were some other little shops there we wanted to visit.  We stopped at La Boulange de Noe for soup and salad first which were both delicious.
We continued popping in and out of little shops for the rest of the afternoon and when we were done in Noe Valley we headed to Divisadero and Oak since Amy had never been to Cookin'. We stopped in and it was a chaotic as always and I love it. This time I had a fear I would inadvertently knock one of the precariously balanced piles of treasures over. I didn't, but had the fear and that is enough. It was a lovely day and it ended right before it started getting cold for the evening.
Thanks Amy for coming to the city with a list of cute stores to check out - it was a blast!


Angela said...

Lovely pictures, would have purchased lots at the kitchen and garden stores! xx

Amy O. said...

Yes, super loveLY! The pictures turned out great.


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