Sunday, July 29, 2012

Art on the Street

I am trying to be more aware of my surroundings when walking Korra in the neighborhood. You know how many times you could walk down your street and some of the most amazing things go unnoticed? I have been treating our walks like an exploration of the senses, mainly to influence my writing of silly short stories. The last couple days have produced some amazing finds and I had to take photos.

This first one I will call, The Future of Political Comics - this was stapled to a telephone pole by my house along a main drag. I guess kids are getting more politically active these days...

This one was done by more of a natural artist, the eight legged sort.
I call them Duplex and Crazy Quilt.

Next time you are out, make a goal for yourself to notice a couple new things within the space you are in each day. I bet you will be surprised. I think life gets so hectic and we are so worried about our "To Do" lists and what needs to happen next, that we miss out on life that is happening right in front of us. 


Amy O. said...

I do this all the time. I think it is natural for me, something that acutally enables me do perform well in my job. Someone pointed out recently that I am super observant. Funny that it took someone to say something for me to realize.
I am glad you are doing this...and turning it into your own art. Creative and meditative and something for you.

The Maltese Kat said...

I am pretty observant in general, but have been sort of "hyper aware" since my last writing class especially in places that could easy become the norm (does that make sense?). Today I walked through a tunnel of purple flowers from a tree on my street that has grown over the sidewalk and merged with a ginko tree, amazing. I just wonder how many people have walked under and just ducked their head and didn't notice.

Amy O. said...

Oh that sounds lovely


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