Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sweet as Honey

I grew up going to my Dad's Aunt and Uncle's house once a summer on Lakeville Lake in Michigan. My Great Uncle Roland was a beekeeper - I always remember the bright white stacked apiary's polka dotting the lawn in the hot Michigan sun surrounded by buzzing bees protecting their gold. One time Roland showed me the smoker and how it worked to get the bee's out of the apiary so I could see the honey comb, it was pretty amazing and obviously made an impression on me.
Years ago I joined the San Francisco Beekeepers Association with the intent of learning to make my own honey until I learned how expensive it could be on top of the fact that I am a renter and to uproot a colony if I moved, would be a bummer.  Additionally, some people are scared of bees and I want to be respectful of the neighbors. So, for now, I respect bees from afar (and close up at times when taking photos) and one day hope to have my own backyard with bees.
With the word getting out that there is a shortage of my favorite clothed pollinator (who doesn't love stripes?), I have noticed a huge boost in bee culture for sure. Everywhere I turn there are books, classes, etc. on raising bees - which I love! I noticed today that Williams-Sonoma even sells beekeeping kits now (and chicken coop kits). If one thing, the crashing economy has taught us to become more self sufficient and grow your own when and if you can.
Here are some fun bee/honey related products that I thought I would share.

1 -  The Bee's Knees tote -
2 -  Honey Comb Cake Pan -
3 -  Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Lotion -
4 -  Honey Dispenser -
5 -  Bee Insect Print -
6 -  Beeswax Candle -
7 -  Van Morrison, Tupelo Honey -
8 -  Honees Honey Filled Drops -
9 -  Bee embossed stationary, with honeycomb envelope liner -
10 - Queen Bee Basket -

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Amy O. said...

Nice list! I went to the Madewell store in NY when I was last there. I bought a shirt...hmm...wonder where it is?


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