Saturday, April 07, 2012

Good Friday

For the last few years, on Good Friday, I have made Hot Cross Buns and this year was no different except for the fact that I forgot to put the orange zest in the dough so I made orange icing for the crosses, which was a little runny. The other thing is, I can't eat them because I am GFV (gluten free vegan) but I am happy to make them because the Mister has already eaten 4 of them with his morning coffee. I have realized over the last week that I just love the process of baking and really enjoy watching people eat what I have made for them. I made an apple pie last weekend and now these buns. Some day I will have my bakery or bed and breakfast or I will just throw a lot of parties so I can bake things for people.
Here is my past post about Hot Cross Buns along with their recipe.
Try them out, you will love them, but don't forget to add the orange zest to the dough before it rises.

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Amy O. said...

Beautiful! They look so much better than the ones I saw at Safeway and Nob Hill/Raley's yesterday! You should bake for them!! No wait, they are the competition...hehe.


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