Friday, April 13, 2012

Apple-Walnut Chews

I made these "cookies" yesterday and they are so delicious!
As a new (3 months in) Gluten-Free gal, I am always looking for something like a cookie that I can have, that isn't loaded with a lot of sugar and then I found this recipe on the back of the Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oat Bran. They are also vegan...score! If you are used to sticky sweet, sugary, buttery cookies these may shock your system so tread lightly as these are not for beginners, you have to ease into these things. I feel no guilt grabbing two of these after my green smoothie in the morning, the are like eating a bowl of oatmeal - very hearty.


by: Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods


Preheat oven to 350°F; set aside cookie sheet. In a saucepan, simmer chopped dates in water for 5 minutes. Mash with a fork into a puree. Add grated apple and vegetable oil and beat well with a wooden spoon until mixture is smooth. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Let stand 10 minutes to thicken. Mix well and drop by level teaspoons onto dry baking sheet. (Batter does not spread in baking so cookies can be placed close together.) Bake for 20 minutes until lightly browned around edges. Makes 24 Chews.

1 comment:

Amy O. said...

Last year, I was making very similar cookies!! They had no added fat or sugar. I loved them...I bet these are scrumptious.


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