Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Few More Days

Well, strikes have extended 48 more hours so I am missing my flight out of here and we are unable to leave Hydra until at least Friday. We will see. Hoping to get a flight back to the states on Monday. Thank you to Wendy (for watching out for me), Mom (for calling Dr. Const, ha ha!) and Deb (for all of my travel). Most of all, Thank You God for forcing me to take a couple more days off, it is beautiful here and we are able to stay in the house since no new guests can arrive and we can't leave.
Love you all.

Angela...Kalle Nita.
Tim...I love you!


Amy O. said...

Much luck to you!! Glad you aren't alone and that the house is still available. I was wondering that earlier today. And that your friends and family are on top of everything for you out here.

Tim said...

Love you too, sweetheart!!! Safe travels to you, Robin, and Kenny.


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