Friday, October 21, 2011


We made it to Athens all safe and sound. We took a water taxi from Hydra across to the Peloponnese and had a driver waiting there for us in a fat Mercedes taxi that comfortably took us to Athens (about 2.5 hours). Our cab driver was the best, pointing out things and stopping mid way for coffee and spinach pie. When we entered Athens our driver told us that Thursday (the bad riot day) no one could get into Athens, so it was good we decided to come here when we did. Our hotel is very nice and situated in walking distance to the ancient sites, the New Acropolis Museum and the Plaka which is all you really need in Athens if you ask me. We have rooms with super soft beds, which is a nice change from the planks we all slept on at the house in Hydra. All was quiet here yesterday and everything is supposed to be mellow today as well so we are optimistic going into the weekend and are praying that Sunday is ok and we can get a cab to our hotel by the airport and our early morning flights on Monday are not disrupted. I slept in today and am just hanging out at the hotel until I feel like getting moving. Having been to the Acropolis before it is not a must see while I am here (although it feels like it should be). We can see it from the roof of our hotel, not the same, I know, but with limited time here and being pretty exhausted I am spending my time wisely and doing only what I want. From what I hear, Kenny took off early this morning to conquer the ancient sites and take photos - he is super excited as it is dream of his to see all of this. It is pretty overwhelming when you think about how old these things are, pretty darn cool. I would like to hit the New Acropolis museum next to our hotel before we leave and that is about all I have on my list before we head out. Maybe the Ancient Agora as well. We will see.

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