Sunday, October 23, 2011

Athens Part 2

Yesterday was a great day in Athens, well at least the second half...I slept the first half. I think changing the travel arrangements, waiting anxiously to get to Athens, etc. wore me out.
We all met up for lunch at our hotel around 1:30 PM - Robin and Kenny both went to the Acropolis in the morning. After lunch and a quick nap we headed over to the New Acropolis Museum which was incredible. It just opened in 2009 and is amazing...I cannot believe how old the pieces are and the structure itself is pretty cool as well, basically emulating the Parthenon and when it gets dark, the reflection on the windows really gives you an idea of what it was like to see it back in the day. Kenny counted the columns of the Parthenon and the columns in the museum and put it all together, pretty cool. I highly recommend this museum to anyone traveling to Athens, it will blow your mind. At night, even after it is closed, you can see the statues on the glassed in 4th floor. After the museum (we were there for about 3 hours), it was dinner time so we went to a nice traditional restaurant with music and dancing. I can't get enough spinach pie so I ordered it yet again and had giant beans, saganaki (sp) and stuffed grape leaves. I am packing in all the Greek food I can before I leave, that is for sure.
Today we are headed to the Ancient Agora this morning and then the National Archeological Museum - both of these things are two highlights I missed on my last trip to Athens and I am super excited to check them out. Later this afternoon/evening we will all head to our hotel close to the airport as we have early morning flights and the hotel has a free airport shuttle. I need to head to the airport at 3 AM believe it or not, but I am not complaining, I am ready for my own bed and some Mexican food at this point. Maybe an update later before I head home.

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