Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

I know, I am a day late on this post and it kept me up most of the night as I have been just thinking about how truly blessed I am to have my sister in my life. I can't believe that we are 10 years apart and so close. She is my sister, friend, confidant, therapist when I need one and always listens to what I have to say when I just need to talk something out. She asks for advice which makes me feel like my life experience is respected and my opinion counts. We are so linked, sometimes when things happen to her, I can feel them and vice-verse.

This photo is pretty funny because just the other night I called her and was singing one of the songs from this video she is holding up (I didn't even know I had this photo until looking for one today). The ironic thing is, they are all Disney songs and that night I left the message she was at work and at the bar where she works, they played a game where you had to guess what Disney song went to what movie. Seriously, I had no idea and then to find this photo - so funny!

Anyway, I could gush, but I won't here - you all pretty much know how I feel about Miss Emily, Little Crow, Lee Lee, Emma Lee Lee, Emmer, Em and the one name only I can get away with even though she hates it... Emma.

I love you my sister, you are an inspiration to me always, I am so proud of your life's accomplishments so far and looking forward to living vicariously through you as you start Grad school next month. I can only imagine what the future holds for you and am so happy I have a VIP pass and front row seat to see it all happen.

Best wishes to you in the upcoming year.


Angela said...

This is a wonderful post!
I love LeeLee too!
Happy Birthday Emily, I hope it was fantastic. I love the picture. Frankie probably could have played the song game too, he loves Mickey Mouse.
Love you both,

robin said...

what a sweet post! Sisters are the best!

BeBop said...

thanks ladies!! That post made me cry
<3 you!


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