Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cold As Ice

Last night Tim and I went ice skating and it was a BLAST.
I thought I would have forgotten but after a couple very careful laps around the ice with Tim, I took off. Not as good as I used to be, no crossovers, but can still skate forwards and backwards and turn, so I was happy. No wipe outs, just more fear than when I was younger, God knows I don't really want to fall at this age.
We didn't take too many photos. Tim was waiting on the side lines while I skated around he took this funny one of me acting like I was getting checked against the glass (hockey style).
You can take the girl out of the Mid-West but you cannot take the Mid-West out of the girl. I was SO happy last night, smiling from ear to ear, heart pumping, skating so hard I broke a sweat. I have a feeling this may be my new cardio for a while. I have to say once they started playing some Genesis, it was like I was back in Berkley, Michigan groovin on the ice with my friends on a Saturday afternoon.

The cool thing is, Tim was such a good sport, only fell once, but was very uncomfortable on ice, but is totally game to try again. I think next time we are both going to try hockey skates. There were a couple girls there my age just cruising around in hockey skates so I have to try it. I have always skated in figure skates, so they peaked my interest. Watch out SF, Detroit is on the ice!
Funny thing I will add, there is another arena in Oakland and they have two rinks, one is NHL regulation size and the other is Olympic size (even bigger than NHL), it is close to where I work and I could skate after work however, the Sharks practice there and co-own the arena and I am such a Red Wings fan I am apprehensive about skating on their ice! ha ha!
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Denise V said...

Do you remember when we went ice skating at Quarton lake and we thought someone was banging garbage cans but it was really the ice breaking!!!! So funny. You told me we had to get off of the ice because you learned that's what it was on Rescue 911 show. I miss you!!! Love you!

Raquel said...

Almost spit out my coffee - you are hysterical! Awesome hockey face plant!

The Maltese Kat said...

DENISE - I MISS YOU ALL THE TIME, MOST MOSTLY THIS TIME OF YEAR!!! I am so over the moon to get your comment here, my old Michigan pal who has known me longer than almost anyone.
Horses, Horses, Horses, Horses.
I totally remember ice skating with you, we had so much fun! I was just laughing about skating on Quarton Lake the other day. I will never forget the sound ice makes when it is breaking since that Rescue 911 episode!
Love you so much and miss you!

Miss the Ford Tempo, Big Red War Pony Truck, Adams Castle Lights and listening to holiday music with you. We grew up in a great place. I was thinking about Hershall's the other day, remember our servers Ann and Mark?

The Maltese Kat said...

More hilarity to come...Tim now wants his own hockey skates!

pomegranate seed said...

you guys look like you have so much fun! awesome... greetings from the middle of summer here in new zealand... how great to go ice skating! tim is such a great support - and LOVE that photo. you're too much! thanks for the smile!


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