Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Recap

What a nice little hiatus - went by way too fast but it was just lovely. All flights were on time and security leaving Detroit to come back to San Francisco was a breeze (maybe because it was so early in the morning when we left).
Here is a rundown of our holiday events...

Christmas Eve -
8 PM early to the airport to get parked and shuttled, went through security (no lines), ate dinner (Chinese Food, everything else was closed) and waited at the gate for our flight to board. 11:15 PM plane departed (on time)

Landed in Chicago at 5:50 AM (that is 3:50 AM for us West Coasters) walked to the gate and waited for flight to Detroit. Arrived a little early in the D and Dad came to pick us up - super easy without having checked our bags.
Had breakfast when we got "home" - Mom made cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs and fruit salad followed by many cups of coffee. We exchanged gifts with Mom and Dad (just the four of us) and then Tim and I had to take a nap before Emily and Mat showed up. We slept for about an hour and a half. I set the table and watched a little TV until Emily and Mat showed up. We exchanged gifts with them and then went down in to the basement to eat a wonderful turkey dinner with all the fixins'. It was so delicious, there is nothing like Mom's cooking if you ask me. After dinner we sat around, Emily and I watched her "Sing Along Songs" video from when she was a toddler and sang all the songs. We all had some dessert and coffee and then played cards for a bit (Emily, you owe me 90 minutes of my life back, ha ha!). The night seemed to go by way too fast and before I knew it, I was so tired and needed to hit the sack so Tim and I went to bed.
December 26 -
Slept until about 9 AM, had the BEST bagels ever for breakfast (this is a Michigan must have when I am in town). Bagels are NOT even close to what they are back home out here on the West Coast. Believe me on this one. Watched "Christmas in Connecticut" and waited for Emily and Mat to get up since we were planning on going to lunch. At about 1:00 PM, they came upstairs and Tim and I went to lunch with them at Anita's Kitchen for some awesome Middle Eastern food. After lunch we went to Trader Joe's so Mat could see some of his old coworkers and then went to a sporting store so I could get a Red Wings sweatshirt. That evening my brother Andy and his girls Veronica and Violet came over for dinner. We had a ton of fun! I wish I lived closer so we could spend more time together, but I guess distance is what sometimes makes the time we can spend together so precious. My Mom again made a large dinner, lasagna, salad, garlic bread, vegetables, Maltese bean salad, etc., etc., etc. The meal was followed by a million kinds of cookies and left over pie from Christmas night and peppermint ice cream! I played with the girls until it was time for them to leave around 9:00 PM. We all just hung out at home the rest of the night because we had to get up super early since my parents were leaving as well as us in the morning.
December 27 -
4:00 AM (1 AM for West Coasters) - get up and leave for airport at 4:30 PM. Drive on ice covered roads and get ready for a line at security due to recent events at Detroit Metro Airport. Security was a breeze, the only real line (which was totally disorganized) was the line my parents were in to check their bags before their flight out. Mom and Dad departed on their flight at 7:10 AM and Tim and I went to get breakfast and then left at 8:50 AM, we arrived at 11:00 AM in San Francisco. We have a tradition that when one or the both of us lands at SFO, we go to lunch or dinner at Celia's Mexican Restaurant, so that is what we did. After that, we went home and of course, BayLee gave us the business about not being around, but he had fun with his cat sitter who popped in to feed him each day. We took long naps on Sunday afternoon and took Monday off work so we could sleep in and rest, I was happy with that decision.
Hope you all had a great holiday!

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robin said...

sounds like fun! Hope to see you soon!
Happy New Year!


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