Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Weekend Recap

Today is SO much better than yesterday. I believe that we attract things that happen to us, good or bad and I was in a shitty state of mind yesterday therefore bad things happened to me. I know it was my fault and I needed to get my mind right so I went home and hid for the rest of the night to wake up this morning with a better view of things.
Kicked off this past weekend with a cocktail party at my bosses house, which was pretty fun. We played a holiday trivia game and I won one of the prizes, a $50 Whole Foods Market gift card, which was great because we are broke and needed groceries! It was nice to see people I work with everyday outside of the office and interesting to meet their significant others.

Saturday, I slept until about 10, Tim was playing tennis. I took care of some letter writing and walked to the post box to send them off in the mail. Shortly after I got home, Tim came home and we had lunch. Afterwards, I dumped all of the ingredients into the crock pot to make Angela's Lentil Soup and let it rip. I set up my little workshop on the kitchen table and got to work on some things I have been meaning to take care of for Christmas gifts. I worked most of the afternoon until I could smell the soup which made my mouth water. I made some nutty basmati rice in the rice cooker and served the soup over it, which was amazing. Thanks Angela for the quick no hassle dinner idea. It was great and I had leftovers, well spilled them yesterday, but still had leftovers.

Sunday, woke up and made a list so we could go grocery shopping. We went to Whole Foods Market and picked out what we needed for the week. You know, we are bargain shoppers and got almost all 365 brand products and our groceries cost about $35 (including my discount) which was very nice to see. When we were leaving the store Tim spotted the holiday wreaths that smelled so good so we decided to get one with our left over money on the gift card. I hadn't planned on decorating for the holidays, but this made me feel like I had to do something. When we got home, I hung the wreath and then went into the basement and got out my little pre-lit tree and put that out - that is all I am doing this year. Usually I go all out, but not this year, I need a break and a bigger space.
This is my simple little tree with 2 beehive glass containers on each side of it filled with glass ornaments. Maybe I will get some LED lights for the windows if they are still on sale next weekend at our local hardware store (they are supposed to last for 20 years!).

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Angela said...

Hello My Sweet,
I'm happy to hear that you liked the soup. I just made another batch yesterday. I love your Christmas decorations. Simple and sweet. We are no go with the decor here. The temptation would be too great and I don't want to hear the whining, next year though. Happy that Tuesday was better and so great about the g.c. to WFM! Yeah!
Love, Ang


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