Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend is over already?

It just blew by!
I had so many things I wanted to do and got a lot of them done, but still have quite the list waiting for me at home.

I packed up a lot of things in my kitchen that I wanted to put in storage, plus, my parents got us the glasses we wanted for Christmas so I needed to make them a nice new home. I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets as well, which is always awesome. I would like to redo the contact paper in there at some point, but they are OK for now. I cleaned out my cabinet of cookbooks, yes, like my Mother, I have a cabinet full of cookbooks. There were some that I had gotten from the free table at work that I am done with so I am passing them on by donating them to Goodwill. In cleaning out my vintage books, I found a little note I had written to my ex-boyfriend which caught me a little off guard, it was tucked into a book I had from the 1920's called But Gentleman Marry Brunettes. It must have been from when I lived with my parents, it was cute. Life was a lot different then, that is for sure!

While minimizing my magazines, I came up with a GREEN space saving idea to scan magazine recipes that I want to save into my computer. I stored them on my external hard drive so they are somewhat portable. They are organized by category so they are easy to locate. I used to cut them out and put them in a clear page protector and then into a binder marked "recipes". This was starting to take up too much time and space plus, the page protectors are expensive and not recyclable. So, by scanning the recipes in, I have them at my fingertips and don't have to print them out to use them at home, just open them on my laptop in my kitchen and I am good to go! Paperless and it takes up zero space on my shelves! I am keeping the binders I already have but will not be adding to them. When I have time someday I will scan what I have collected in the binders but that will take some time since I have had them since the mid-90's (2 binders full).

I felt very industrious most of the weekend, which is big for me because I usually just sit around thinking about what I need to do without acting on it. I realized (with the help of a friend who called me out on it on Christmas) that I stand in my own way all the time, I am always in my own head which causes me many problems. I am the biggest hurdle I need to get over most of the time with things I would like to accomplish. Hearing someone read you like book is a HUGE eyeopener so thanks! From other people this comment would not have been acceptable, but this person keeps me in line. I swear you have to have different friends for different things, you know? I am so thankful for my entire crew of friends, apparently it not only takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to support a Maltese Kat!

Hope you all had nice post Christmas weekends and you are gearing up for the New Year!

PS - Don't you just love this week between Christmas and New Year's? I love getting everything reorganized, cleaned and ready to start anew.

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