Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Highs and Lows of 2008

OK, so I had to really scape my brain and jog my memory to put this list together. I think I am loosing my memory, it used to be so good but not so much as of late.
Seems like quite a few times this year there was a high that had a low to match it, here are a couple examples.

I did take a couple short road trips; one to move Angela out to CO (road trip = high, Angela moving = low) one to pick up a dog with Wendy in NV (driving through Eldorado National Forest = high, being part Native American and being back on an Indian Reservation = low).

OK, now I am thinking of some, besides what I listed above, here are some more.
  • Trip to CO in February with Angela (and visit with Brady)
  • Started taking Ballet again
  • 10 Year Wedding Anniversary - we didn't do anything, but I think that it's still pretty cool!
  • Red Wings won the Stanley Cup
  • Canning classes with Debbie
  • Mom and Dad's visit and trip to the mountains and we saw Bears!
  • Reunited with High School best friend after many, many years
  • Sara came to visit and I got to meet Cameron
  • Harmony with Horses workshop
  • Emily graduated from college - HIGH for me for her!

  • Sara moved to NZ - I am happy for her, selfishly bummed though
  • Angela moved to CO - same as above, she had to move, I am being selfish
  • Adoption Mess!
  • Fires in CA - smoke in the city
  • My Vietnamese Momma (Tuyet) passed away
  • The Economy - need I say more?
  • Homesick for Michigan a lot of the the time - I never thought that would happen
  • Realizing that not all people are as nice and genuine as they would like you to believe - lots of wolves in sheep's clothing.


Angela said...

Highs- OOOOOOOO-BAMA!, as Oprah would say.
Having your loveliness accompany me on our trips.
Lows-Moving, I'm still in denial.
And moving!
Love and miss you,

BeBop said...

lots of wolves is sheep's clothing is correct..
i love that phrase!!!!!!!!!
miss you much
em =)

pomegranate seed said...

i miss you so much too katie! but if things continue the way they are, we'll be moving stateside within 6-12 months! though possibly east coast bound, but still much much closer :) and we'll be hanging out in SF at first, so we can catch up and you can meet our littlest arrival (well, arrival to be - as i sit here just a few days from the 'due' date!)...


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