Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday...need I say more?

  • Cold this morning, didn't want to get out of my warm bed, plus I had a great dream.
  • Finally pried myself from the bed and stubbed my toe while walking out of bedroom.
  • Hot shower should wake me up, better yet, the smoke detector! The steam from the shower makes it go off and I forgot to place the fan underneath the detector. I slide across the wood floor dripping everywhere and place the fan underneath and get the little plastic circle to stop screaming and get back into shower, ahhhh. Then the water pressure drops. Shit!
  • Stop at Peet's on my way in, could use a kick in the ass latte to get me Monday motivated. Yumm, a large soy pumpkin spice latte, just what I need and a treat, I never buy coffee.
  • Get to work and find out I have a meeting I was not aware of, make agendas, sit down and VP sitting next to me trips over the cord of my laptop my LARGE latte flies over my shoulder and lands on the floor, top off and spilled all over. He offers me a refill from the breakroom coffee, I decline (not the same at all).
  • Same meeting, someone is unprepared and I end up having to run around and make copies from them in order for us to continue. I have a total attitude at this point and say something to the effect of "we should all try and come prepared in the future so we don't waste anyone's time" all eyes on me of course.
  • Lunch time, I spill half of my soup in the microwave - didn't know the lid on my container had a leak.
  • Drop favorite coffee cup on floor and chip it even worse than it was before - it might leak now.

Time to go home, I need to hit the road before there is traffic. I don't need anything else to go wrong today.

Tomorrow I will recap my weekend!


Anonymous said...

it sounds like alexander and the terrible no good very bad day. have you read that book? classic!
Hopefully tomorrow will be better

Angela said...

Oy vay!
Sounds awful, are you sure you weren't being filmed?
I hope Tuesday is great, it has to be right?!
Love you,

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks ladies, I know you get it and understand. Yes, I have totally read that book Robin, I need to reread it, I remember I liked it as a kid. No, I am not sure I was not being filmed but if I was I need to distroy the tape - ha ha!


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