Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday already?

My gosh, I haven't even had time to post my weekend update!

This past weekend was real nice. Saturday, Wendy and I went to the Legion of Honor to check out the French Jewelry Exhibit and the 20's deco French Ads and Art. It was not very crowded at all and for once I got to park in the little circular lot on a Saturday! After the museum we fought for a parking spot on 24th Street in Noe Valley and had lunch at La Zinc, very nice french bistro style place that has a great brunch on the weekends. I had a salad that had goat cheese on toast on the side drizzled in honey, yummm! Don't forget my Champagne a la peche! After lunch we oooooed and ahhhhd in the window of the Noe Valley Bakery - there are a million types of cupcakes in the window and you know who loves cupcakes? ME! We decide to stop on the way back to the car. We walk on to a used baby and children's clothing store at 24th and Castro. They had wonderful things. Lots of nice, clean, gently used baby things. While walking back to the car we had to pass by temptation island again, Noe Valley Bakery! We drooled while looking in the window at all of the cupcakes and decided what we wanted and then went in. I ordered a lemon cupcake and Wendy a red velvet. We walked out with our cupcakes gently resting in a cute little bakery box and once we got to the car before pulling out of the coveted parking spot, we each grabbed our cupcakes and started munching. We said nothing, silence in the best thing in moments like this. There are no words, really. My lemon cupcake was filled with lemon schmoo, like the bottom layer of a lemon meringue pie. The tartness of the filling mixed with the sweetness of the cake was such a wondering combo. On top there was a yellow butter cream frosting (not my favorite) with a little bumble bee with almond sliver wings. What a nice treat. Wendy wolfed hers down and while I was eating the last bite of mine she started gathering crumbs of mine off my pant leg and eating them! It was so funny! We started driving over to the next used children's clothing store in Bernal and Wendy pulled down the vanity mirror in my Jeep and noticed that she had red stuff on her face! It was from the tiny red dot on top of the cream cheese frosting that topped her cupcake. It was really funny because it was the smallest red dot and it just seemed to spread when it touched her face.
We made our way to the shop in Bernal Heights and it had a TON of clothing and great prices! I got some really cute stuff!
After our shopping excursion, we went back to my house and hung out and Brent came by at 5:00 and the four of us went to Moss Beach Distillery for dinner It was pretty nice. We had a table right by the window so we could see the ocean. The menu was really appealing which made it hard to order. The food was good, the company was better! I wanted to go there because of all the hype about it being haunted. They actually have the place wired. When you are in the ladies room and look in the mirror the face of the ghost woman appears and disappears. It is pretty funny. I don't think I would go back there, but it was a fun night out on the ocean. I prefer the setting and live music at the brewery.
I cant believe it took me almost a week to complete this posting.
I keep saying I am going to get better, but that keeps going down the toilet.
Stay Tuned!

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